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VapirWise is situated in the creative hub of Woodstock, Cape Town. We also have a store in Knysna along the beautiful Garden Route. We have put together a collection of the best Portable, Desktop and Pen Vaporizers that deliver the highest quality vapour and are known for their workmanship. First of all there are a great deal of vapes out there, but few deliver superior vapour quality and reliability. For this reason we at VapirWise ONLY offer vaporizers that deliver clean vapour. Besides this we also choose our vaporizers based on their reliability. Even More is warranty support. Furthermore, over and above vaporizers, parts and accessories, at VapirWise we rigorously research and test each vaporizer. Thus able to guarantee their ease of use and especially their quality.

VapirWise was created to offer customers a safe, secure, and honest experience. In addition to this we also offer you knowledgeable and experienced advice. As a result, all of this combine to make your online vaporizer shopping a pleasure! Secondly, we offer you the most advanced models from trusted brands. More importantly, you will not waste your money on cheap knock-off products that saturate the market. Thirdly, beware of counterfeits and imitations on the internet. A usual indicator is price. If the price is too good too be true it usually is. It should be noted that as an authorized reseller we have to stick to the RRP. An Original Vape will have a serial number that can be registered with the manufacturer for the warranty. Our aim is to provide you with the best and most efficient vaporizer to maximize your vapour experience.

Most of all every VapirWise order is managed with superior customer care. In fact , we strive to ship the products out within one working day of your order so you get your vaporizer and accessories ASAP. Lastly, not only do we a offer Free Shipping on all orders over R1500, we also only use overnight shipping.

So if you still unsure about what to order from VapirWise? Give us a ring and pop in for a coffee. We look forward to hearing from you. If you are on holiday along the Garden Route, Knysna don’t hesitate to call for all your Vaping, Dabbing, 420 or 710 needs.

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We at VapirWise have put together a collection of the most undoubtedly reliable , affordable and superior quality portable and desktop vaporizers on the market. There are many vaporizers out there,  but we have found that only a few deliver the purest non-toxic vapour, are easy to use and reliable. Rest assured all our vaporizers are 100% authentic from authorised dealers and not counterfeits made with inferior cloned parts.”

Co founder VapirWise

“Without a doubt….Quality Service and a Quality Vape, thank you Anthony@VapirWise  ”

Cape Town

Thank you VapirWise, I never leave home without my Da Vinci – so absolutely stylish and Discreet!! Best of all I don’t even miss smoking and being dizzy – Vaping is the way of the future!

Port Elizabeth